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DSC_0734-e1393528623467-300x292In my 30 years of practice I’ve run across every type of dental insurance. Generally the marketplace presents a lose/lose/lose proposition for your company, your employee and the dentists in your network.  The insurance company never suffers in this equation.

Here is the situation; insurance companies:

  • Charge higher premiums every year
  • Negotiate reduced fees with dentists
  • Deny claims whenever possible
  • Have a long list of exclusion and limitations

Because the insurance company negotiates reduced fees with network dentists, the dentist up-charges patients in whatever ways possible to make up for their shortfall.  Your employees are caught in the middle between the insurance company blaming the dentist for up-charging, and the dentist blaming the insurance company for denying claims.  The result is employees feeling that they are not getting adequate dental benefits, one of the top five factors in employee satisfaction.

Self Funding with an experienced Dental Director is the solution for your dental benefit needs.

  • Your company saves on premium costs up to $500 per employee per year and
  • Administrative costs are reduced from around 40% to 10%
  • Your employees get better benefits than they can get elsewhere
  • Dentists get paid fairly for what they do

Take a look at the examples and call me to discuss the right option for your company.


Carey O’Rielly, DDS
O’Rielly Consulting