About Doctor O’Rielly

About Carey O’Rielly

Dr ORielly understands the business of dentistry and what makes a practice successful over the long haul. As a practicing dentist with over 30 years of experience, he has owned and operated a number of practices during his career including:

HolisticDDS copyTwo General and Specialty Group Practices:

  • Town Center Dental Group
  • Sacramento Dental Group

Five PPO and HMO Practices:

  • Hamilton Dental Office
  • Evergreen Dental Office
  • Sunnyvale Dental Office
  • Freemont Dental Office
  • Blossom Hill Dental Office

Two Private Fee for Service Practices:

  • Center for Holistic Dentistry
  • Integrative Dentistry

His experience in all of these practices and different settings has led him to practice dentistry in a way that supports overall health. What used to be coined holistic is now called oral systemic dentistry within the dental industry, leading Dr ORielly to change the name of his practice from Center for Holistic Dentistry to Integrative Dentistry when he moved to his current location in Encinitas, north county San Diego. Many of his patients come to him from other practitioners and referrals from other patients who like his philosophy, experience and the low stress individual attention he gives every patient who comes to the practice. Many of his patients are interested in preventing exposure to heavy metals and in eliminating the aggressive populations of microbes that are associated with gum disease.

His unique ability to integrate quality and service comes from his varied background as a clinician, diagnosing dentist for large group practices, and doing quality reviews of over 50 dental offices as a QA Consultant and as a Dental Director.

In the last couple of years, Dr ORielly has lectured for The Dental Tribune Study Club and Continuing Education Association, and has consulted other dentists on practice management and oral systemic care through the use of a HD microscope. He is accredited by the State Board of Dental Examiners to lecture and provide C.E. units to other dentists.

A Letter from the Doctor

Letter from Dr O’Rielly,
Thirty years ago when I was trained at USC Dental School, we were taught that a dentist is the patient’s first line of defense to preserve health.  We were encouraged to take blood pressure and other vital signs as well as saliva testing.  Most of all we were sworn to “First do no harm” These guidelines continue at the core of my practice today, whether in dentistry or consulting.

At Integrative Dentistry the focus has been on creating an education based, patient-centered practice with a high level of service.  Integrating dental health and systemic health with advances in technology like the high definition microscope, one of the goals of care is to lower inflammation in the mouth and body.  Another goal is to provide biocompatible dental materials and to safely remove those that are not. Yet another is to provide appropriate adjunctive care as needed, whether in the form of a homeopathic remedy, a mild, calming sedative or the support of a relaxing and environmentally friendly office space.

Service is the life blood of business and the profession I have served for the last 30 years.  In my businesses, the quality of my service and relationships has helped determine the quality of my success. I believe this is true of any business.  As a clinician I have always opted to upgrade the level of care being offered.  As an educator my goal has been to upgrade the level of care that others are able to provide.

As a consultant and business advisor my aim is to provide a holistic approach to training, growth and financial success that reflects the quality of service offered.  For this reason I have also written The 7 Principles of a Thriving Dental Practice, to outline my philosophy in practical terms.  These principles apply whether the client is a dentist in the expansion phase, a struggling small business or a large, successful corporation.

My background includes Orchard Valley Dental Offices, a regional network of dental offices in Silicon Valley.  During my career I have created, operated and grown dental practices in a number of settings, have done quality assurance of dental offices, and lectured and written on oral systemic health.

This varied experience uniquely qualifies me to:

Help dentists:

  • Create a less stressful and more enjoyable working environment
  • Increase case acceptance through technology and interactive diagnostic tools
  • Derive more satisfaction from their work

Help corporations:

  • Educate employees on dental health and provide second opinion services
  • Consult with corporations to evaluate feasibility of Direct Care
  • Set up and manage dental offices on location

Contact us today for a discovery call and see what we can do for you.

Best Wishes,

Carey ORielly, DDS
Integrative Dentistry
[email protected]

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