For Corporations:

Dental Wellness Programs


Dr ORielly is a natural choice to:

  • Lecture on Dental and Oral Systemic Health
  • Integrate Dental Health Screenings with existing Wellness Programs.
  • Provide second opinions and complaint resolution services for companies
  • Analyze feasibility of direct care and manage on-site dental offices

Dr ORielly has been a health care provider for thirty years and has been approved by the State of California to teach other dentists on the health effects of dentistry. Dr O has studied the effects of inflammatory diets, nutrition and stress on overall health. He is well versed on how gum disease impacts inflammatory conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and strokes.

Dr ORielly is a quality assurance expert having reviewed over fifty dental offices in California and been a diagnosing doctor for group practices.  Dr ORielly has created and managed numerous practices during his career.

Call Dr O to discuss or check out his resume.





For Dentists:

Speaking and Training


If you would like to increase your case acceptance and patient loyalty, consider becoming a Health Centered Practice. To learn how to maximize your enjoyment and satisfaction of dentistry give Dr O a call. He will be glad to offer you a complimentary phone consultation.

Recently he has spoken at the CEA Convention in San Diego and conducted a international webinar hosted by The Dental Tribune Study Club. His lectures can be tailored to your individual needs. Call for availability and to schedule a time to speak with Dr O.

Letter from Director, CEA Convention

“I would highly recommend you to lecture at any company event. I had the pleasure of working alongside with you at the San Diego Dental Convention, where I was able to observe your professional skills as well as interpersonal style. I look forward to working with you more in the near future.”

Best Regards,
Chris Ippolito, Producer
CEA Dental
Continuing Education Academy