Speaking and Training


Dr ORielly has been practicing biological or oral systemic dentistry for the last 18 years. Before that he owned a network of PPO and HMO dental practices. Through all his varied experiences he has developed a philosophy that focuses on building strong referrals and loyal patients. Dr ORielly feels that building a good reputation is everything and core to building a long term, successful practice.

He has written a book for dentists called Thriving in Every Economy where he highlights the seven core qualities of a successful practice:

N is for niching or specializing
U is for upgrading your skills and office space
M is for marketing and messaging
B is for bottom line and managing by report
E is for education both of yourself, your staff and your patients
R is for relationships with your patients and referral sources
S is for satisfaction in your work and enjoyment of what you do

Although he uses the acronym NUMBERS™, Dr ORielly feels true success is beyond just the numbers.

Contact Dr ORielly for a complimentary phone consult to find out to make your NUMBERS™ thrive.

“Dr ORielly and Victoria were great to work with. Just one suggestion made a huge difference for our practice. We have gone from scheduling two weeks out to six weeks out, and our patients and staff are happier too. We are doing really well. Thank you so much.”

Becky, Office Manager