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Dr O’Rielly’s Book on What Makes a Successful Dental Practice


Hint: It’s beyond just the numbers…


“There are seven principals of success that will be true in any business.  This will be true of any operation, whether it be a car wash or a medical research foundation.  A dental practice is no different.  The principals will be applied with some variation according to the circumstance of the business, but all must be applied to realize a sustainable and thriving operation.

The numbers that quantify your business results are a direct reflection of the quality of focus with which these principals are applied.

The NUMBERS tell the story:
N is for Niche
U is for Upgrade
M is for Marketing
B is for Baseline
E is for Education
R is for Relationships
S is for Satisfaction”
For a complimentary copy of the book, please contact Carey O’Rielly at [email protected].